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and i know you're gonna miss me

cos you changed the way you kiss me


idealist without illusions
- my life could be much worse. -

zora, 17 years, brown hair & brown eyes, czech + german + english speaking, idealistic dreamer with realistic point of view, atheist, played guitar now playing tennis, obsessed with making graphics as everyone here, currently very busy with boring things
loves; telling the truth to strangers, smell of old books, kind words people sometimes say to me, the amazing friends of mine, the three perons i treasure, doing something for the first time, politics and barack obama, history, converse and shirts, coffe and croassants, fashion, london and english humor, sleeping, fridays, hot chocolate and rainy days, christmas and holidays, music, partys and mojitos
tv; doctor who, community, the fades, true blood, the tudors, himym, glee, yes minister, law & order: ci, downton abbey, csi, csi ny, secret diary of a call girl, gossip girl, game of thrones the big bang theory, misfits, pretty little liars
music; black eyed peas, safetysuit, thriving ivory, taylor swift, queen, katy perry, philip poisel, x-ray dog, lady gaga, nickelback, bruno mars, the fray, one republic, soundtracks
movies; forrest gump, green mile, amarican beauty, hot fuzz, an education, donnie darko, godfather trilogy, my fair lady, love actually, inception, period movies and mini series, musicals

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